11 Things That Every Healthy College Girl Needs

Becoming healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in college is down right hard. The stress of difficult courses can easily get to you and juggling school and work makes it that much more daunting. There are a few things you can own to help you along the way. Here are 11 things that every healthy college girl needs.

A good pair of trainers.

I’m in love with trainers. I have three pairs that I’m constantly using. Hunting for a good deal is always a great idea, you can easily find some AMAZING running shoes on sale! Having a good pair of trainers means your feet will always be comfy when doing a workout or on a run.

A Fitness Tracker.

With technology advancing each and every day, we now have TONS of options when looking for a fitness tracker. Using a fitness track will help you to keep track of your steps, heart rate, and so so SO much more!

An Arm Band.

I don’t know about you, but I hate holding my phone in my hand when I’m on a run. It’s a little bit more doable if you’re using a treadmill or elliptical, but as soon as I hit the sidewalk or trail for a run my phone slides into an arm band.


Along with the arm band, you’re going to want some headphones as well. It’s up to you if you want to use over the ear headphones or a good ole pair of earbuds. I prefer earbuds because they’re lighter! I’m constantly listening to music when I’m working out, it’s what keeps me going!


A Yoga Mat.

Any yoga or fitness mat is great to have whether you’re heading to the gym or working out at home. They help to create the perfect area to workout in and help provide some cushion between yourself and the floor.

A Foam Roller.

Have you ever finished a really good workout feeling great, but then the next day you’re hobbling around because you are so sore? I know I have too many times to count. That is why you need to get a foam roller. They’re easy and simple to use and they really do help you to feel less sore the following day.


A Fun water bottle.

Bringing a fun water bottle with you wherever you go is a great way to make sure you’re getting your daily amount of water. I wouldn’t be caught anywhere without my water bottle!  

A Vitamix (blender).

I absolutely love my vitamix blender – but any blender will work for you! They’re perfect for making delicious and healthy smoothies. 

A Baseball Cap.

Keep the sun off your face or your sweaty hair out of the way. A baseball cap not only looks cute, but is very functional. They’re also a great way to hide a bad hair day!

Cute Workout Clothes.

One of the best ways to motivate myself to workout and be healthy is to have some cute workout clothes bought and ready for me. If I have already purchased them and then don’t use them, I’ll feel guilty and it will force me to workout! You can also use cute workout clothes as an incentive. Say you workout daily for 3 weeks… you can then reward yourself with a new top or some new leggings!

Sports Bras.

Along with cute workout clothes, you’ll want to throw in a few sports bars. Having multiple is a good idea as they can get quite sweaty very quick! They’re also a great fashion addition under a fun workout tank.


A Warm Sweatshirt.

During the colder months, it’s a good idea to have a warm sweatshirt on your hands. They’re both perfect for an outdoor run and cozying up at home!

What are your healthy essentials that you cannot live without?

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