3 Healthy Eating Tips + How To Maintain Your Goals

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If you subscribe to my YouTube channel then you’ll know that I’m wanting to share more healthy, fitness, and overall wellness related content with my audience. To start off, I thought I’d share my 3 go-to healthy eating tips as well as some advice when it comes to maintaining your goals. If you’d rather watch, check out the video version, otherwise keep reading!

We’re wrapping up the end of March now which means the first quarter of the year is already done! Before we jump into my healthy eating tips, I want you to take a few a reflect on those New Year’s Resolutions you set for yourself 3 months ago. How are those going? Did you stop working towards them? Why? Now that I’ve got you thinking about it… what can you do to continue working towards those goals? If your goals relate to healthy eating then maybe my tips can help you out!

Healthy Eating Tips + Maintaining Your GoalsPhoto: Rachel Wolf Photography

Healthy Eating Tips

1. Don’t Keep Junk Food in Your Home.

If you’re trying to eat healthy then why are you hanging onto those unhealthy junk food items? Toss them out! NOW! 

Keeping super salty chips or an abundance of ice cream on hand is just a bad idea if you are trying not to eat those things. They’ll always get you when you’re struggling, so don’t even give yourself the option!

Get rid of junk food

2. Always Have Healthy Snacks on Hand.

If you’re like me and enjoy snacking throughout the day, make sure to only have healthy snacks on hand.

Fresh fruits and veggies are a lifesaver – especially if you prep them before!

A dried fruit and nut mix is also super handy if you need something quick and easy or if you need to bring a snack on the go.

Another one of my favorites is muesli. It’s the perfect addition to a yogurt cup, smoothie bowl, or oatmeal.

A New Toasted Muesli

3. Plan Your Weekly Menu.

Have a general idea of what you’ll for every meal and depending on how structured you like to be, you can plan accordingly.

If you like to have a set plan, then assign a specific dish to each meal of the week.

If you like to have a bit of wiggle room, plan food for all 7 days, but don’t assign the meals to a specific day.

Planning your menu will help you stay away from the excuse of ‘I don’t have anything to eat’ because you’ve already planned your entire week. Plus planning your meals will help you to save money (an extra bonus!) Here’s my favorite meal planner to use!

Meal Planning

How To Maintain Your Goals

Write down your goals and track them.

If you have a goal to drink more water, be specific about it. Instead of ‘more’, say you’ll drink 3 Liters of water each day.

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Once you’ve got a specific goal figured out – write it down.

And once you’ve written it down find a way to track it. You could make a chart to track your water intake each day.

Then you can look back each week/month to see your progress.

The same can be done for any type of goal as long as it’s measurable.

Work towards a reward.

If achieving your goal doesn’t give you the motivation to work towards it, then find something else that will. 

Maybe the idea of working out 3x a week doesn’t inspire you to actually do it. Instead, give yourself a timeline and a reward.

For example, if you workout 3x a week for a whole month, then you’ll reward yourself with a fun new water bottle or yoga top.

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The key thing to remember when it comes to healthy eating is to be prepared. The same thing applies when working towards your goals. A little bit of planning and prepping can go a long way when you have a busy schedule or often get distracted by other life tasks. I personally build out a daily schedule in Google Calendar organizing everything I need to do for the day and how certain tasks/activities will help me work towards specific goals. Then, in my paper planner, I record what I actually accomplish for the day (because if we’re being honest, I usually overschedule myself).


3 Healthy Eating Tips + How To Maintain Your Goals