4 Chic Lunch Bags For Young Women

4 Chic Lunch Bags For Young Women

Since I was a child I’ve always loved bringing my lunch with me. Throughout the years I went through phases where bringing my lunch wasn’t ‘cool’, but I always had a tendency to . The idea of getting to eat exactly what I wanted kept me solidified with bringing my lunch every day.

Fast forward to the post-college world, I still bring my lunch to work with me every day! (Sometimes on an off-chance that I didn’t, I’ll hop over to my local Trader Joes or Whole Foods to pick up something healthy.) Now that I’ve been in the workforce for almost two years now, I’m ready for a new lunch bag. I’d like to step away from the bright-pink neoprene lunch tote that I would lug with me between college classes and move towards a more subtle, minimalistic, lunch bag. I also want it to easily fit into a backpack if needed.

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My lunch bag needs to be functional yet stylish. I usually pack my food in glass reusable containers and throw in a few ice packs to keep it cool. My new lunch tote would need to be big enough to hold my glass containers and possibly the ice packs if needed (not a requirement).

4 Chic Lunch Bags

When I went searching for a new lunch bag, I was able to find quite a few that were both functional and chic. Some of them aren’t traditional lunch bags – meaning they aren’t insulated or have a zippered top. But that can easily be worked around by also purchasing insulated food containers and/or keeping your food in a fridge.

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Big Lunch – Organic Cotton – Grub


I love this lunch bag just because it seems like it’d be a nice roomy bag to tote around all my food (I pack a lot of different snacks for a long day of work).

Size: 10.5″(W) x 11″(H) x 5.5″(D)


Kate Spade

Lunch Tote – Strawberries


I love that this lunch tote has a flair of chic and playfulness. The gold accents and shape of the tote seem posh, but the colorful strawberries add a fun pop.

Size: 7.5″(W) x 9.5″(H) x 5.2″(D)


Kate Spade

Lunch Carrier – Deco Dot


Similar to the Lunch Tote, the Lunch Carrier, has a very high-end, feminine, luxury look and feel. The black dots feel very modern and minimalistic.

Size: 11″(W) x 3.75″(H) x 8″(D)


Colony Co

Lunch Bag – Waxed Canvas


Although this lunch bag might not see ‘chic’, I love how minimalistic and simple it is. It’s a great twist to the classic ‘Brown Paper Bag’ lunch. I think it’s fantastic that it’s reusable – it has a bit of an edgy hipster vibe.

Size: 8″(W) x 14″(H) x 5″(D)

4 Chic Lunch Bags For Young Women


Lunch Bag Accessories.

Your lunch bag is only half of the fun! I love all the different items that you can stash away in your lunch bag, from the containers you use for food to the little snack baggies – it’s so exciting. Here are a few of my favorite things to help pack my lunches.