4 Ways I’m Staying Active This Fall

Photos within this post were taken by Rachel Wolf Photography.

As the warm days of Summer draw to a close and the chilly Autumn air settles in, there are a few specific ways I like to stay active during the cooler months. I typically take advantage of the in-between weather (when it’s not too hot and not too cold) and spend some extra time outdoors. Although I’m a pretty active person year-round, I tend to get a “fitness bug” each Fall – hence my Favorite Fall Workouts video from 2017. There are more than just four ways to stay active during the early months of Autumn, but these four were the first to come to mind.

Running The Bleachers.

Something that I did multiple times throughout my track career was run up and down our high school bleachers. I love this for one specific reason… it’s free. Chances are, you’ll rarely find me in a gym. I just can’t get myself to buy a membership. So innovative ways to get a workout in, like this, are usually my go-to.

Sprinting singles and doubles are usually my stair climb of choice, but I also like to throw in double foot jumps with a squat occasionally. 

**Always be sure to practice caution when going down stairs, especially if they’re metal bleachers.

Hayle's feet running up football stadium stairs

Hitting The Trails.

I have somehow landed myself in one of the most beautiful cities that also has the luxury of a huge trail system. Stepping foot on a hiking trail is definitely a different experience than a track, but it’s a welcomed one. 

Walking, running, or hiking on a trail always provides different scenery, especially with the number of trails I have to choose from. I love doing this when I feel the need to get outside and reconnect with nature.

One of the great things about being in the foothils is that there’s usually a spectactular view just waiting for you.

Hayle running up a steep hill on a dirt path

Hayle sitting on a rock gazing over the horizon

HIIT Workouts.

I usually do 2-3 HIIT workouts each week and during the Fall season I’ll do these at home in my living room. Recently, I’ve been loving the SWEAT app and have been following the PWR at Home training series. I particularly like this because it’s meant to be done at home, which means there aren’t too many pieces of equipment needed.

Check out my video on 5 Hacks to Help You Get to The Gym if you’re someone who struggles with working out regularly.

Stretching (Indoors).

Although the following pictures clearly depict gorgeous warm weather – this is hardly the case for an Autumn in Idaho. Typically, I take my stretching routine indoors and spend some extra time taking care of any sore muscles. I love to bring out the foam roller and even spend an hour just stretching out or even doing some light yoga.

To pass the time, I’ll usually end up turning on the TV and watching my favorite Netflix show or YouTube channel while I’m stretching out.

Hayle sitting on a track cross-legged

Hayle Santella sitting on the ground with her left foot extended and her left arm stretching over her toes

These four ways of staying active are useful for any season but are currently my go-to options when I’m deciding on what to do. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to me because it helps to keep me happy and healthy both from a physical and mental standpoint. When the Winter blues start to creep in, hitting a hard workout usually snaps me right back into my cheery self.

My Favorite Fall Workouts from 2017.

I literally published this video two years ago TO THE DAY. I started typing up this post on a whim and remembered that I had filmed a similar video a few years back. To my surprise, not much has changed. Running stadium stairs and hiking in the foothills were both highlights and I still don’t have a bike!