4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind This May

4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind | Healthy Living | hayle santellaSpring is getting into full swing – the weather is getting warmer, the days are starting to feel longer, and plants are starting to look a little bit more green. All of this fresh change usually sparks something in us to start cleaning our homes and office spaces. But along with ridding old dusty cobwebs and organizing our drawers and closets, have you ever thought about decluttering your mind?

4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind

The Spring months provide the perfect time to reset, recharge, and reboot. And specifically, a mental reset could help us to work more effectively, think more clearly, and create more easily. Finding a clear mindset for ourselves will help to set us up for success and to handle any challenges that come our way.

1. Reflect on the past 12 months

Think back over the last 12 months… Did you travel anywhere? Did you meet new people? Did you move, change jobs, or graduate from school? Maybe you hustled every day and started seeing progress in a business venture or a side-hustle. Did you end or start a new relationship? Did you reach an exciting milestone in your relationship/marriage? Maybe you brought a little one home for the first time or finally decided to get a pet. 

Take 10 minutes to reflect on everything that has happened over the last year. Meditate on it, journal about, or sit and discuss it with someone. Reflecting on what has happened (good or bad) will make room for what’s to come within the next 12 months.

2. Redefine Your Routine

If you’ve fallen into some bad habits that you’d rather not have stick around, redefine how you live your day-to-day life. Skipping out on the gym? Staying up a bit too late at night? Write down what your ideal day would look like and adjust your routine to fit your life goals. 

You’ll find yourself in a new mindset once you’ve outlined a new routine and a boost of motivation will most likely coincide this. 

3. Get Outside

As the weather starts to warm up you’ll naturally feel the urge to be outside – don’t ignore this! Breathing in the fresh Spring air and enjoying the outdoors is exactly what your mind needs after being cooped up all Winter.

Even something as simple as opening your windows and letting the outdoors come in can make a huge difference. 

I recommend walking to a local park, hiking some nearby trails, or even enjoying some yard games in your backyard.

If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, here is a great article that goes into detail on How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, and More Creative.

4. Do A Digital Detox

We are full-force into the digital age and our minds are constantly consuming pictures, information, and messages via online sources. Depending on who you follow, the majority of this media can distort your reality and twist your life values making you feel discontent, ungrateful what you currently have, and overall just crappy. Subconsciously comparing yourself to others can drain you of happiness.

So, take a step back from your phone, tablet, and laptop and spend a day without technology. 

A lot of our time can be eaten up by mindless scrolling. Instead, spend some time on the previous three items, laugh with your family, read a book, cook a new meal, or try something new with your newfound free time.

4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind | Healthy Life in Boise| hayle santella

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be just for our homes, but for our minds too. Resetting your mind can help you find clarity, relaxation, and a boost of energy. As we’ve learned over the years, mental health is becoming ever so important and should be part of our everyday lives.

Taking time for yourself to declutter your mind will have lasting effects on your day-to-day activities. Have you done a mental reset recently? What changes have you noticed?


4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Mind | Happy Life | hayle santella