5 New Skills You Can Learn During Spring Break

Have some free time over Spring Break? Not hitting up the beach, but instead spending some valuable time with family? Use your free time wisely! Learn a new skill in the down-times of your week. This could be as simple as starting on your six-pack abs or as challenging as learning a new language! Here are 5 News Skills you Can Learn During Spring Break!!

Learn a New Language

Are you planning on traveling to a foreign country within the next couple of years? Have you always taken an interest in different cultures and languages? Then take this week off to start learning a new language! Apps like Duolingo or Google Translate (Apple or Android) can help you learn a new language on the go. They’re perfect for long car rides or lazy days at home. There is also countless videos on YouTube to help you learn! Just Search “French” Language for Beginners.

5 New Skills you Can Learn During Spring Break | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com


Do you enjoy photograph, but have never had the time to devote to it? Take this week off and start improving your photo taking skills! Again, YouTube can be a great resource for this!


Still haven’t achieved that New Year’s Resolution? It’s never too late to start! While you’re on Spring Break, start on that six-pack you’ve always been wanting. (Hint: Look for Friday’s post ?) Go for a daily run and start building up your endurance for that Marathon you’ve always wanted to run, or practice daily yoga to improve your flexibility. If you’re looking to gain flexibility, I personally recommend these guides by Elle Fit Active.

Learn to Code

In our tech-savvy computer based world learn the language that your computer or phone runs on! Knowing how to code is an amazing skill to have! No matter what your degree, employers will be impressed that you’ve taken the initiative to learn about technology. Codeacademy is a great website and tool to use.

Cooking & Baking

Have you always taken an interest in cooking & baking, but your busy college schedule has never allowed you to spend some quality time in the kitchen? Now is the time! Try out some new and fun recipes on your family, they’ll give you the honest truth.

5 New Skills you Can Learn During Spring Break | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

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