54 Goal Ideas for 2018

54 Goal Ideas 2018

I’ve always been someone who enjoys setting goals. I’m a very competitive person and to me, goals are more like challenges. I like to challenge myself to see if I can accomplish something – I like to push my limits. With that being said, I easily came up with a variety of goal ideas when I was planning my 2018 goals. If you’re new to setting goals or just aren’t sure what type of goals you could set, here are some from my list. When I say some, I mean 54. 

Goal Categories. 

First, let’s discuss categories. I like to categorize my goals because it helps to build focus. Let’s say I have 3 goals in one category. I’ll start off by working towards just one of the goals in that category, once I’ve accomplished it or built up the routine, I’ll move on to the next goal in that category. Here are a few categories that my goals fall into.

Education and Skills.

If you constantly like learning new things like me, then consider setting a goal to learn a new skill. For me, I’d like to reach 50% fluency in Spanish on the Duolingo app. I’d also like to read a book on Peruvian culture. Think of something that peeks your interest and set a goal that is related to that. 

School, Business, and Work.

Is there something you want to complete or learn this year for work? Maybe there’s a specific certification you’d like to get or a certain business event you’d like to attend. If you’re in school, maybe you have a GPA your working towards. The wonderful thing about school and work is that there is always something to learn and improve upon.

Fitness and Nutrition.

I’m a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and I find that fitness and nutrition play a big role. If “eating better” and “exercising more” are your goals, try to make them more specific. Setting specific goals with numbers and time frames help you to maintain the goal throughout the year. Personally, I’d like to complete a 100-day yoga challenge, start each morning with a stretching routine, and get up from my desk twice a day to walk the stairs in my office building.

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Travel and Adventure.

If you’re an adventurous soul then you’ll love this section! But even if you just want to explore 2 new local places, this is the category that would fall under. Do you want to cross skydiving off your list? Or maybe just set a goal to go camping 3 times this summer?


This category could include things like flossing your teeth once a day or meditating every morning. One of my personal goals is to get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off and to not look at my phone until I’ve sat down for breakfast. 


There’s always those tedious odd tasks that only have to be done once or twice a year. You know what I’m talking about… cleaning out your closet, organizing your computer files, emptying your email inbox, etc. Those are just a few of the things that have landed on my goal list for 2018. 


I find that financial goals and budgeting are extremely important. I plan to pay off two more of my student loans and set aside an additional $1000 in an emergency fund. No matter if you’re paying off debt or building your savings, there should always be a financial goal on your list!

Goal Ideas.

Okay, so now it’s time to share my 54 goal ideas for 2018. As I mentioned before, I love to set goals and these are just a few that I came up with. As a 24-year-old with very specific interests, a full-time job, and side hustle, some of my goals may be pretty unique to me. But I think that many people will find this list useful!


54 Goal Ideas 2018


I hope you’ve found this list of goals helpful with setting your own 2018 goals! Remember, once you’ve categorized your goals — pick one goal from each category to start with. Once the first goal is complete or you’ve built up the routine/habit, then move onto the next goal in that category.

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