6 Ways to Exercise at Home (or in a Dorm Room)

If you don’t have enough money for a gym membership, if the weather isn’t the best, or if it’s just one of those days where you don’t want to leave the house, then this post will be perfect for you. There are many different ways that you can exercise at home (or in a dorm room)! Rather watch a video than read this long post? You can scroll to the bottom or click here to watch the video!

Circuit Guides.

The first option is to follow a circuit guide. This is more of a structured workout program that you follow. Typically, circuit guides are 12 weeks long and include a lot of body weight exercises. Two of my favorites are the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines and the Healthy Body Guide by Alexa Jean Fitness. Now, Alexa’s guide is definitely cheaper to purchase if you’re on a tighter budget. You can get a really good workout from both of these guides – don’t underestimate their difficulty!


The second option kind of ties into the first and that is to use Pinterest. You can find tons and tons of circuits on Pinterest and you can really create your own workout routine or schedule to follow. I’ve personally gotten into the habit of doing legs on Monday, arms on Wednesday, and abs on Friday. Finding what works best for you is key so that you remain consistent with your workouts.

Mini Workouts.

The third thing you could do is to incorporate mini workouts throughout your day. Instead of walking around your apartment you could do lunges. Or while you’re brushing your teeth you could do squats or hold a wall sit. Something else I like to do is do pushups against the counter while I’m making dinner. Doing mini workouts like these throughout the day really help you to stay active if you don’t have time to fit in a full workout.


Next up is cardio! You can easily get in a bit of cardio at home even if you don’t have any equipment. One of my favorite things to do is to turn on some music and dance around my apartment jamming out to my favorite tracks. If you want to do more of a traditional workout, you could run in place, do jumping jacks, high knees, or even burpees.


The fifth method I have for you is to watch (and follow along with) YouTube videos. You can find some really great workouts on there and there’s such a wide variety No matter if you want to do yoga, a HIIT workout, or target a specific body part, you can find it all on YouTube. Some of my favorite channels are Yoga with Adriene, Blogilates, and Tone It Up.

Yoga or Stretching.

My last and final option for you guys is to do some yoga or stretching. This is perfect to do right before going to bed as it can help your body to relax. I have two more guides to recommend for this section, the first being Let’s Start Yoga by Jessica Olie and the second is Get Bendy by Elle Fit Active. If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, then I highly HIGHLY recommend the Get Bendy Guide.


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