7 Chic Laptop Backpacks for 2018

7 Chic Laptop Backpacks For 2018

Throughout college, I would always tote my laptop around in my backpack. At the time, style wasn’t too important to me and I simply used my Recon North Face backpack that I had from high school. When I started my first post-college full-time job I really wanted to move away from using a backpack to carry around my laptop. I tried a large tote for a while, but just wasn’t pleased. I’ve ended up with my sturdy North Face. For me, a backpack is so functional and really fits my lifestyle the best. With that being said, I’m on the hunt to find something a little more stylish, cute, and chic.

7 Chic Laptop Backpacks

When I went searching for a new laptop bag, I was able to find quite a few that were both functional and chic. Some of them aren’t traditional laptop backpacks – meaning they don’t have a laptop sleeve. But that can easily be worked around by also purchasing a standalone laptop sleeve – I’ve listed a few of these at the bottom of this post.

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Stylish Laptop Backpack


Tommy Hilfiger

Quilted Stars Nylon Large Dome Backpack

$96.00 (Sale ends 1/28/2018)

I love the quilting on this bag, it really gives it that chic look that I’m looking for. The only downside that I can see about this backpack is that it doesn’t have an area to store your laptop. That would mean you’d need to purchase a separate laptop sleeve to help keep it protected inside your bag. 

The price of this backpack is very reasonable, especially if you purchase it at the sale price. This could make needing a laptop sleeve a little more bearable. 

Size: 13″(W) x 17.25″(H) x 6.25″(D)

Cute Laptop Backpack


Kate Spade New York

15-Inch Medium Tech Laptop Backpack


This Kate Spade backpack is adorable and super chic! I typically go for a solid black bag, but I’m loving the stripes. This really gives the bag an extra pop. Also, happy to say that this backpack has it’s own dedicated laptop sleeve to help keep your computer protected.

Although this bag is a bit on the spendy side, I’m really looking for a bag that is high-quality and will last for more than a couple years. 

Size: 12.5″(W) x 16″(H) x 5″(D)

Hipster Laptop Backpack



Little America Mid-Volume Backpack


I love Herschel’s backpacks simply because they fit my more relaxed laid-back style. Plus, they have some of the nicest laptop sleeves I’ve seen. They are fleece lined and padded to keep your laptop save and sound! 

The Little America Mid-Vol backpack is affordably priced and has really caught my eye.

Size: 10.75″(W) x 16″(H) x 5″(D)

Bohemian Laptop Backpack



Retreat Backpack


The Retreat Backpack is just slightly bigger than the Little America Mid-Vol and it’s lower in price! The only big difference that I’ve found is that the small front pocket isn’t enclosed on the Retreat Backpack.

Now I’ve just got to decide if I like this one or the Little America Mid-Vol Backpack better.

Size: 12″(W) x 17″(H) x 5.75″(D)

Functional Laptop Backpack



Tina Large Laptop Backpack


The gold zippers are super stylish on this backpack, plus the functionality of the multiple pockets really make this backpack a winner. 

Again, the price of this backpack isn’t too bad and you won’t need to purchase a laptop sleeve because this backpack has a separate dedicated pocket for your computer. 

Size: 13″(W) x 16.75″(H) x 7″(D)

Chic Laptop Backpack


Michael Kors

Kelsey Large Backpack


I’m in love with the pattern on this backpack, how could you resist this?! It literally has chic written all over it. Unfortunately, there isn’t any type of protected area for your laptop so you’ll need to purchase a separate laptop sleeve.

The price on this one could be a kicker considering you’ll need to purchase a laptop sleeve, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying this stylish backpack.

Size: 11.75″(W) x 14.75″(H) x 4.33″(D)

Women's Laptop Backpack


Knomo London

Nylon Laptop Backpack


I’m really enjoying the minimalist look of this backpack. If you’re looking for something simple and clean looking – then I’d go for this one. A major benefit of this backpack is that it does have a laptop sleeve, keeping it safe and out of the way. It even has an RFID liner that helps shield data on cards. Bonus!

The price of this backpack is completely worth it knowing that both your computer and personal data will be safe.

Size: 11.6″(W) x 16.5″(H) x 3.9″(D)


Stylish Laptop Bags For Women


3 Stylish Laptop Sleeves

I love the idea of having both a stylish and functional laptop. If I don’t end up picking one that has a dedicated laptop area, then I’ll be picking from one of these laptop sleeves. I’m absolutely in love with this first one.

Cute Laptop Sleeve

Edgy Laptop Sleeve

No matter if your a student or are working a full-time job, having a laptop backpack is necessary. Plus, having a super cute and chic one is an added bonus. A backpack can really make or break the style you’re going for, so make sure your laptop bag matches your personal style.