July 2016 Income & Traffic Report

July's Monthly Income & Traffic Report | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

July was a fantastic month! In the July 2016 income & traffic report, I’ll talk about how I gained more clients on my Etsy Shop, received my first payment for the ads on my website, and I how I hit a record number of pageviews! Oh and I was mailed a ‘free’ laptop?! I’ve also stopped using PassionFruit and have officially switched to Patreon


July Income:

Social Fabric – $209.00
Etsy: Designs By Hayle – $65.75
SheKnows Media – $68.71
Total: $343.46

July Expenses:

Product Purchases – $4.52
Total: $4.52

Total Profit: $338.94


This month was great simply because I had hardly any expenses! I was able to utilize my previous purchases from Creative Market while designs logos and business cards for my Etsy shop, I didn’t do any site advertising through Google Adwords or Facebook, and I only spent $4.52 on sponsored post products! I don’t ever include products that I’ve received for free in my income reports. Simply because I don’t see this as income. (Although, I will need to include them on my taxes.) This month, I did want to mention that I received a super nice laptop from HP! There are some amazing perks to being a blogger!! 🙂 

Traffic REPORT:


The traffic this month was phenomenal! Very comparable to my traffic in March (my previous best month). July saw me hitting record numbers and I couldn’t be happier! I finally hit 40,000 pageviews in a month. Between April and June, traffic had steadily been increasing and I hope it continues to.

July's Monthly Income & Traffic Report | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

July's Monthly Income & Traffic Report | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

Monthly Sponsors:

In June, I started selling advertising spots on my blog through PassionFruit. After a few weeks, I’d been warned by a few other bloggers. PassionFruit has the tendency to steal your money if you signup for their monthly subscription and then cancel later on. I also never received any of the money that I earned from selling these advertising spots ($30). I will now be moving to Patreon. This is a much safer and trusted company. Instead of purchasing an advertising spot you would be donating money and receiving a reward! These rewards include social media shoutouts, sidebar and post advertisements, and also discounted logo designs! Interested in sponsoring me on Patreon? Click below for more information!! 🙂