Monthly Income Report // March & April 2016

I’m very exited to share with you guys my vary first monthly income report! This will be a shared income report for both March and April. March was an exciting month for me! I was given the opportunity to create my very first advertised post, which in turn has lead to a few more. 

I want to create an open atmosphere and share my blogging successes (and failures). This is why I will be sharing and posting income reports for you! Seeing as my income will vary from month-to-month there might not always be a monthly income report. Some may have combined months, just like this one! My income reports will also include traffic reports. I’ll talk about what changes I’ve noticed and what I attribute these changes to. There will also most likely be a yearly income report every January that will summarize the past year.


March Income:

Social Fabric – $150.00
Total: $150.00

March Expenses:

Google Ads – $3.69
Pinterest Promoted Pin – $8.00
Product Purchases – $56.78
Total: $68.47

April Income:

Social Fabric – $535.00
Total: $535.00

April Expenses:

Domain Yearly Renewal – $26.00
Product Purchases – $27.31
Total: $53.31

Total Profit: $563.22


All of my income has come from Social Fabric. This is a network that I’ve joined where I’m partnered with brands and companies to share my ideas using their products. Under expenses, the category “Product Purchases” refers to any products that I’ve needed to purchase in order to create posts and review products.

I’ve been using Google Adsense since late December and I also started using ShopStyle Collective towards the middle of January. Both of these sites are generating revenue slowly, so there hasn’t been too much to report. (Additionally, you have to earn $100 on both Google Adsense and ShopStyle Collective before you can cash it out.) I only plan on sharing these earnings when I’ve successfully met those bench marks!



March saw a HUGE jump in traffic for me. My page views increased by over 1000%! In the graph below you can see that I was hardly getting any traffic during the month of February.

Screenshot 2016-05-01 01.27.13Screenshot 2016-05-01 14.27.29


Although traffic decreased in April, I’m not too concerned. The flow of traffic seems to be leveling out. Hopefully I’ll see a jump in traffic again soon!Screenshot 2016-05-01 01.26.21Screenshot 2016-05-01 14.27.11


The main reason that I saw such a large spike in traffic in March is because I finally started to pin my posts and articles on Pinterest! I had pinned a few before, but I had never designed a photo specifically to be pinned. I never actively sought pinning. If you’re interested in learning more about how I utilize Pinterest, let me know in the comments! I’d love to create a post that goes into more detail.

Below you will find a Pinterest Board that I’ve created that has all the pins that I designed for posts on my blog. Feel free to check it out and follow me on Pinterest! ?

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