November 2016 Income & Traffic Report

November, what can I say… It was an overall good month. My income wasn’t as grand and my traffic was still pretty low, but I still feel that I was a generally good month. I did switch to a different host which I’m VERY excited about. My previous host was a bit unreliable and a few of my posts were getting mixed up and overwritten. But besides that, I’m glad to be moving on to a new host! Without further ado, here is my November 2016 income & traffic report!


November Income:

Social Fabric – $150.00
Pollinate Media – $450.00
SheKnows Media – $71.76
Total: $671.76

November Expenses:

Patreon – $2.00
Boardbooster – $5.00
SiteGround 2-yr Hosting – $358.00
Malware Protection – $12.00 
Total: $377.00

Total Profit: $294.76


Although my income and profit might not be as grand as the past two months, I’m still generally pleased. Decembers forecast isn’t looking too hot in regards to revenue. With that being said, I’m current working my butt off to make this coming December spectacular! My biggest source of income this month was from a campaign I did with Sundown Naturals where I created both a blog post and a YouTube video.



Again, I didn’t reach the 20,000 mark. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because I’m hardly posting any new blog posts. I spent a night this past week planning out the whole month of December and into January. Hopefully, this will keep me on track to post more often. Fingers crossed for the new year! If I can turn 2017 into anything like 2016 then I’ll be more than pleased.

November 2016 Income & Traffic Report | Income Report | hayle santella | November 2016 Income & Traffic Report | Income Report | hayle santella |