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After graduating college you will experience some new life adventures, one of them may be finding your own apartment and living on your own. As exciting as this may seem, don’t let reality smack you in the face. I’m not saying it’s all that bad, living without a roommate is fantastic, but now you’re going to have to furnish the place all by yourself. Chances are you’re not going to want the cheap scratched up furniture from your college days. That is why it’s so important to start budgeting for big post-college purchases. It’s time to save and spend some large chunks of money.

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Why You Need To Save and Budget.

But let’s rewind a bit. The key point here is that you need to save! And you’re going to need to save both during and after college. If you don’t understand why you need to save or the importance of saving here are some examples of what you’ll to need to buy and how much it’s probably going to cost…

This is a total of approximately $4,300. Now, I’m sure you can be a frugal person and can find some great deals on these items, but even then it’s going to be a decent sized price tag.

I get a lot of my furniture from Target. Not only can you usually find a good price, but the quality is on par too!

I hope now you understand the importance of saving for these post-college necessities. Your next question is probably going to be how to save and what do next.

How To Save and Budget.

This is going to be the most essential and easiest tip/strategy to follow when saving for big purchases like these. All you need to do is write down the price of the item and how many months you have until you need to purchase it. Then divide the two… Take the price and divide it by the number of months you have. The total will be how much money you need to save each month.

This will make sure you’re not blowing the budget when it comes time to make these purchases and it helps give you that sense of security knowing you’ll have enough money when you need to make the purchase.

I’ve created a printable PDF for you to use to calculate and keep track of the big purchases you’ll need to make. Print this off, fill it out, and hang it on your wall to help remind you of what you’re saving for! When you save for big purchases like this it also builds your appreciation and gratitude for what you’re buying with your money – ultimately making you make wiser decisions.

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There are so many big purchases to make after you’ve graduated college and sometimes it can catch you off-guard if you’re not prepared. What are some big items that you’re currently saving for? Are you graduating from college soon & are you prepared? How are you budgeting for big post-college purchases?

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