Celebrating OktoberFest with Albertsons

This post is sponsored by Albertsons Market Street. All opinions and text are mine alone. Photos within this post were taken by Rachel Wolf Photography.

I recently took a DNA test to find out my family heritage (more details coming to our family blog soon) and as expected, I’m part German. Now, although the percentage of germanic descent was less than originally presumed, that doesn’t take away my desire to celebrate OktoberFest! I recently stopped into our local Albertsons Market Street to get up to speed on all things OktoberFest and relish in their fun events. 

There were so many fun German-inspired treats all throughout the store, it’s definitely the place to go if you’ll be hosting your own OktoberFest celebration. Grab your Lederhosen and Dirndl Dresses and toast to OktoberFest with Albertsons Market Street and Albertsons on Broadway!

Celebrating OktoberFest with Albertsons

For me, OktoberFest is one of the first signs that tell me it’s “officially” fall. From the leaves changing, pumpkin patches opening, and hot apple cider brewing, OktoberFest is another necessary staple to Autumn traditions.

As soon as I approached the entrance of the Albertsons Market Street location, I was drawn to their display of colorful apples. Not only are they a sweet treat and a healthy snack, but they’re the centerpiece of many german recipes. Ever heard of German Apple Cake? The lovely Albertsons staff were also sampling their delicious hot apple cider (that contained 100% natural unfiltered Honeycrisp apples)! It was so good and definitely warmed me up with the weather starting to get a bit cooler.

The German-inspired goodies sprinkled throughout the store definitely got me inspired and ignited my appetite to #eatlifeup at Albertsons on Broadway and Albertsons Market Street. I found countless culinary delights and every time I visit, I experience new flavors during their events and seasonal promotions. They are your resource for what’s fresh, new, and always at its best all year long! 

Many of us enjoy celebrating OktoberFest with nothing other than, German (or German-inspired) beer! Thankfully, the Albertsons Market Street location has one of the widest varieties of beer and wine in the state of Idaho – you can find both local and international brands that you love!

Before heading out, I had to make one last stop at the bakery. Warm baked goods are my favorite! I was happily surprised to see more German-inspired items. This time, in the form of Pickle Rye – Sauerkraut bread! I’ve never tried this variety of bread, have you?

If you’re following me on Instagram then you would have been able to watch live as I had my own OktoberFest adventure in Albertsons. If you’re not, make sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on my next adventure!

How are you celebrating OktoberFest and the Autumnal season? If you’re in need of any specialty food or drink items, Albertsons on Broadway and Albertsons Market Street have got you covered!