25 College Productivity Tips + FREE Printable

Today I will be sharing with you 25 Tips and Tricks on how to be Productive in College! Being a senior in college means you’ve experienced it all. The late-night coffee runs, the all-nighters, 10min study crams before a big exam, forgetting an assignment… everything! College Productivity is super important in so many ways. Below are some tips to increase your productivity, motivation, and concentration while in college. So here’s to decreasing procrastination and increasing your grade point average!

College Productivity Tips

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25 College Productivity Tips

There are a few tried and true tips and tricks that you can utilize if you’re trying to be more productive in college. If you’re not used to studying all of the time, or if you’re constantly running from class to class then this list of tips will help you enormously. But first, let’s cover a few things, like the importance of being productive.

The Importance of College Productivity.

Staying productive in college is so important in so many different ways. Of course, we all want to graduate with our dream degree and go off to get this fabulous job and live an amazing life. But none of that will be possible unless you stay focused and stay productive.

The Four Areas of Productivity.

There are four main areas where a college student can increase their productivity, note-taking, studying, staying organized, and list-making. These areas may intertwine, as making a list can help stay organized. There are specific things that you can do or be aware of that will help you maintain an optimal productivity level.

Learn How To Be More Productive In College.

Use the following Printable Guide to help you master the art of productivity. Outlined in four sections: Notes, Study, Organize, and Lists – This guide is perfect to hang in a dorm room, stash in a binder, or keep on your desk! This simple 25-tip guide will boost your success overnight.

Top College Productivity Tips.

  1. Print Lecture Slides Before Class
  2. Use “Fun” Paper
  3. Write with Colored Pens
  4. Use an iPad or Tablet
  5. Use Noteshelf or Notability
  6. Record Lectures
  7. Use a Stylus for Handwritten Notes
  8. Bring Whiteout if you use pens
  9. Re-write Notes to Help Study
  10. Flashcards
  11. Copy Notes – make them ‘Prettier’
  12. Make Colorful Study Guides
  13. Have Snacks, Water, etc. Ready to go
  14. Set a Time Goal… study for 15, 30, or 60mins.
  15. Do not do Anything Until You’ve met Your Goal
  16. Use Tomato Timer to Help Stay on Track
  17. Have a Friend Quiz you
  18. Pack Your Backpack the Night Before
  19. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before (Make sure to check the weather)
  20. Have a Planner or Agenda – I recommend Erin Condren
  21. Use Tabs & Dividers to Organize Notebooks
  22. Keep your Desk/Work area clean
  23. Make a Weekly To-Do List
  24. Create a Study Spot List
  25. Prioritize Your Tasks High to Low

Tools To Help You Stay Productive.

Here are some of the things that I consider college essentials. Each of these items will help you stay productive in some way.

One of the main tools that you’ll need to stay productive in college is a planner. Specifically, I find that Erin Condren planners are the best for college students. Sign up with my link to get $10 off your first Erin Condren order!

Erin Condren has a variety of planners to choose from. They have the Life Planner, a Deluxe Monthly planner, and even an Academic planner. I personally enjoy using the Life Planner and Deluxe Monthly planner.

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