Coronavirus Diary: Day 3

I’d like to preface this post with two things. First being that this is a reflection of my own personal experience as a twenty-something living in Idaho – one of the last states to get their first confirmed case of COVID-19. Secondly, please listen to the national, state, and local guidelines that are being communicated in your area. 

Wednesday, March 18th 

Today was a bit of a dull day if I’m being honest. We went outside for a bit during our lunch breaks – took the trash out and got the mail. We got our very first set of census papers which is pretty cool!

After finishing up work I heated up some leftover food for dinner. My husband decided a pizza was in order and as he was pulling one out of the freezer, he kind of worriedly said, “what are we going to eat?”. I then set to work making a list of the different meals we could have over the next two weeks – we’re totally fine!

I’ve been trying to be methodical about the food we eat and when. For example, using up our produce before it goes bad. After making my list I decided to prep my favorite chickpea sandwich spread. It’s a recipe that I made up one day and we absolutely love it! Just mash up some chickpeas, add a bit of vegan mayo, some delicious spices, and a glug of maple syrup! DONE! (More on this tomorrow when I make a sandwich.)

Tonight’s Activities:

  • Prepping food
  • Watching Netflix

Considering I wasn’t feeling too cheery today I figured just chilling and watching tv would be a good option for this evening.

Take care!!