Coronavirus Diary: Day 8

Monday, March 23rd 9:40PM

I’ve officially started my second week of working from home full-time. Today was a heck of a busy day, but I tried my best to get up and move every hour or so.

For lunch today we had leftovers and some of the food I had prepped yesterday. It was nice getting to just throw things together quickly as I was in between meetings. I also made myself a super frothy coffee this afternoon.

Today’s Activities:

  • Continue to Wash Laundry & Towels
  • FaceTime Mom
  • Workout (SWEAT)
  • Write Blog Posts
  • Watch Netflix
  • Practice Spanish (DuoLingo)

After work, I FaceTimed my mom for a bit before doing my normal workout. I’m currently on Week 10 of SWEAT‘s PWR at Home Program by Kelsey Wells.

Frothy Coffee in Chicago Starbucks Mug
Working out during self-isolation

After dinner, I spent some time working on blog posts for both Bloom + Amplify and my personal website. The post I was able to get published today is: 10 Life Hacks For Working From Home During Coronavirus.

Sean and I finished off the night watching Netflix. We’re currently sucked into watching Instant Hotel and just finished the second season.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people have started following me on DuoLingo which has given me the itch to practice my Spanish. I spent about 30 minutes going through lessons while trying to remember what I learned during my 5 years of taking classes.

Also, totally random, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been completely makeup-free for 5 or so days now! I usually wear a full face of makeup every weekday so this has been a HUGE change to my daily routine. It’s been nice just letting my skin breathe.

I found out this evening that one of the local school districts is going to remain closed until April 20th. This gives me a pretty solid feeling that I won’t be going back into the office anytime soon.

Stay home and stay healthy,

This is a reflection of my own personal experience as a twenty-something living in Idaho – one of the last states to get their first confirmed case of COVID-19. Please listen to the national, state, and local guidelines that are being communicated in your area.