Decorating Your Dorm Room With Art

Making your dorm room fit your unique style is key to feeling at home in your new space. An easy way to do this is by decorating with artwork. I’ve always been a fan of decorating my space with photographs, abstract art, and typography prints.

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Shopping with Minted.

I’ve always gravitated towards Minted when it comes time for me to purchase fine art. They’re a design marketplace that sells products from the world’s best-emerging artists, meaning that all their pieces are unique. I especially enjoy browsing through their limited edition pieces, making my artwork that much more special. 

Measure The Space.

Once you’ve decided that you want to add art to your room, you’ll need to measure the space you have. If you don’t measure and just eyeball it, you could end up with art prints that are either too big or too small. 

Picking Your Pieces.

Now that you know the space that you have to work with it’s time to start looking for art! You can combine a number of different pieces or just pick a solo item. Choose whatever works for you and your space. In the past, I’ve stuck with only typography prints, but I purchased varying sizes. Most recently, I mixed up the type of prints but chose to keep the sizes all the same. It’s really up to you, what fits your style, and space you have to work with.

The combo pieces.

I picked these three pieces as I fell in love with this color palette. They also left me feeling whimsical, light, and airy. All great feelings to have when you’re typically stressed about school. 

Aquatic Divergence // Magnifique // Foam From Above
(Unfortunately, the Aquatic Divergence print is no longer available)

Decorating Your Dorm Room With Art | College Tips | hayle santella |

The solo art.

To set on top of my cube organizer, I chose to go with a different color palette. Rose gold is an accent color throughout my room and I thought this would tie everything together perfectly. The Effiel Tower also ties into my other artwork that features a French expression.

La Tour Effiel

Decorating Your Dorm Room With Art | College Tips | hayle santella |

The Tools You’ll need. 

If you’re in a dorm room then you have two options to hang your artwork, you can either use velcro command strips or small nails. If you choose the nail option, then you’ll need a hammer. And no matter which you pick, you’ll need a level for sure. No one wants a crooked, unleveled piece of artwork on their wall!

Hanging Your Art. 

Once your art pieces have arrived in the mail, it’s time to get them up on the wall! You can either be really precise and measure out where you want to the frames to hang, how far apart you want to be, etc. Or you can just eyeball the spacing and be happy no matter how it turns out. Being more of the analytical type, I’ll to measure everything out. 

Another option, if you’re not keen on hanging your artwork, is to sit on something and lean it against the wall. I particularly enjoy the look of this for on top of a desk, bookshelf, or dresser.

Decorating Your Dorm Room With Art | College Tips | hayle santella |

Enjoying The View.

Congrats! Your artwork is on the wall and there for you to enjoy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Adding fine art to your room will help the space feel more inviting, homey, and overall… uniquely yours.

Decorating Your Dorm Room With Art | College Tips | hayle santella |

Thank you to Minted for providing the products featured in this post.