Five Highlights From August & What’s Changing On The Blog

Hello all! Hope you didn’t miss me the last three four weeks while I’ve been away celebrating my marriage! Now that we’re back home and have a bit of a routine started back up again, it’s time to get back into the swing of writing. With regular uploads on YouTube also comes regular posts on the Blog!

I’m switching up the focus on my content (yet again) to center around beauty, style, fitness, and life. Essentially, we’re taking a time machine back to 2015 when I first started my blog. We’re going to start off with new posts every Sunday at 9am Mountain Time. If all goes to plan, I’ll add in another day or two!

The Santellas

The Santellas, Hayle and Sean

The Week of Celebration.

We spent just over a week with our immediate family prepping, celebrating, and *clinking* to our marriage. After spending a few days up in the mountains for our actual wedding ceremony we traveled back to Boise with our parents to finish out the week in our new “home town”. We got to take them to some of our favorite spots and even made it to the State Fair for some potato ice cream!

Skipping The Gym.

Not sure if this is much of a highlight, but with family arriving in Idaho starting on the 9th, my fitness routine quickly went on the back burner and didn’t return until… well, now. Up until early August, I had been regularly working out 3 or 4 times a week. I had happily completed 12 weeks of Sweat’s PWR at Home training schedule but easily fell into a lull. 

Hayle Who?

In the time between our wedding week and our big family reception, I was able to rebrand all of my social channels, the Blog, and YouTube channel. Hayle Olson now equals Hayle Santella. Capeesh?

This has been something that I’ve been dying to do since we got engaged last October. In fact, I purchased my new domain just a few days after Sean proposed! Needless to say, I was prepared to change my name.

Getting Organized.

I dusted off and opened up my planner for the first time in months! I recently mentioned this on my Planning Instagram Account, but I use my planner to help store memories more than actually keep me organized. Either way, I’m back at it! I love making the pages pretty with fun stickers and vibrant colored pens. I’m thoroughly enjoying documenting what my daily life looks like.

A Family Reunion of Sorts.

The end of August caught us jetting off to Chicago-land to celebrate our marriage with the greater part of our family and friends. Our casual (back-yard bbq style) reception went by so fast! We were able to spend time with so many people that we hadn’t seen in YEARS. For the majority of two days we chatted and laughed with our family, our people.

So I hope you’re all ready to dive back into my content (I feel like I’ve been a bit hit and miss for a few years now) because a new name gives me new motivation and direction! Woo! I haven’t gotten to deeply review beauty products and style my favorite outfits in a while so I’m excited to start sharing beauty and fashion related content again. Nonetheless, you’ll always be able to find fitness and health related content because this is such a huge part of my life. I hope you’re as excited as I am, see you all in a week!