How To Start Good Health Habits After College

Congratulations you’ve graduated from college! Now what?! Well, you’ve probably always had ‘be healthier’ on your list of things to do. Now is the perfect time to cross this off your list for the last time! How are you going to do that you ask? Simple. Follow the steps I’ve outlined below and you’ll be well on your way to creating good health habits. P.S. still in college or high school? You can follow these steps too!

How to start Good Health Habits after college | hayle santella |

Build a Motivating Gym Bag.

You’re very first step to creating good health habits is to build a motivating gym bag. Gym?! Yes you’ll have to workout, and whether you’re working out at home or a local gym, you’ll still want a gym bag. Go find a bag that suits your needs and your style. Something you “can’t live without.” Make sure this is a purchase you’ll never regret, something that will make you smile. For me, this was a brightly colored backpack. It’s portable and can serve multiple purposes (whether I’m headed to the gym or the nearest hiking trail). Now, when I say build, I mean build. Pack this bag will all your gym essentials! Find out What’s in my Gym Bag!

Gym Membership/Workout Program/Fitness Classes.

You need to pick at least one of these items and stick to it! A gym membership is great because it gets you to a place that has an enormous amount of resources, whether that be the machines or the people. A workout program is a great way to have everything planned, plus you can do it at home!! A fitness class is also great because you’ll have something that is consistent, and chances are you’ll get to know the instructor and they’ll push you to do your best!

Buy 1 Workout Outfit.

Needing more motivation? Go out and buy yourself one nice workout outfit. Or, use this as motivation to workout. Set a goal for yourself saying that if you do something for 20 days in a row you’ll go buy that pair of leggings you’ve been oogling over. 

The Buddy System.

Find a friend or family member that will hold you accountable. Plan to meet up and workout together or plan meals together. When you know someone is counting on you, you’ll be less likely to skip out a miss a workout or healthy meal.

Invest in Some Tools.

Tools!? No, not hardware tools. Tools as in, a fitness tracker or smart scale. A fitness tracker can be fun and exciting! You can create weekly challenges with friends and family that will push you to do better and walk/run further. I personally have a Fitbit and I LOVE IT! You can purchase their smart scale and it will automatically sync with the Fitbit app to keep track of your weight, BMI, and muscle mass. There’s also a smart water bottle you can purchase that will keep track of your water intake! CRAZY!


If you’re not up for investing in a high-tech smart water bottle then your next best thing is regular one. The best part is you can still keep yourself motivated with these awesome ‘timed’ water bottles! These water bottles have times written on the side to help keep you on track and never fall behind! Check these ‘timed’ water bottles out too! Not a water drinker? Add some fresh fruit to make your water extra tasty!

21 Days.

Be consistent with your newly developed habits! If you continually do something for 21 days it will eventually become a habit and you won’t think twice about it! Keep a calendar or set reminders on your phone to help you along. Plan what you’re going to do ahead of time so you don’t have a reason to skip out on something.

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