Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Sean and I dressed up yesterday and went to a Halloween/Birthday Party for a good friend of ours. I thought I’d share with you our costumes, a little pumpkin craft, and our small bit of decorations!



I chose to be a cat this year. I was super excited about doing the makeup for it! Sean’s costume was a bit last minute… it fits him really well though because he’s super into computers and technology. 🙂

Here are some more photos of my costume & makeup <3

Cat Makeup HalloweenCat Makeup HalloweenCat Makeup Halloween

Cat Makeup Halloween

For my makeup I did not use any type of face paint. 

Halloween Cat Makeup Instructions:

The very first thing I did was prime my face with my Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray, doing this insures that my makeup will apply smoothly and last longer. After applying my foundation and concealer I went in with Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Blushed Copper. I used this to darken up my forehead and cheekbones, I wanted a coppery orange look rather than a matte bronze. Next I did my eyebrows, eyeshadow, and added a cat eye/winged effect using Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner in Trooper. The next step was to add the white bits too my face. As I said earlier, I didn’t have any face paint so I used the white eyeshadow from the Morphe 35U palette with a fluffy face brush. I applied this between my nose and upper lip and just about my eyebrows. I also later added some down the middle of my neck and along the bridge of my nose. The next part is the most fun! Adding the spots!! I primed the all spots with my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I then applied Urban Decay’s Half Baked Eye Shadow on the spots. After this, I used the same liner mentioned earlier (Kat Von D) to make c-shapes around the gold spots. I also added a few smaller dots here and there. Because I decided to wear a crop top, I added some spots on my stomach. You could also add some to your arms and hands! The next step is to add your nose! To do this I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion. I colored in the bottom bit of my nose and then added a line straight down to my upper lip. On my upper lip, I used Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches. I then used a neutral nude shade on my bottom lip. I then added spots and whiskers using both of the liners mentioned above (Kat Von D & Urban Decay). Lastly, I set my makeup with my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. And let me tell you… I think I sprayed this fifteen million times before we left the apartment. It was raining and I did not want my makeup going anywhere!!!

Ta-Da! <3

Cat Ears:

I purchased my cat ears from Emma at the Magical Making Studio shop on etsy.

These cat ears are absolutely wonderful! Perfect for my halloween costume. The shop is lovely and shipping was as expected (shipping overseas takes a bit). I would highly recommend these ears. They are dainty and very versatile.

My Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

I decorated this pumpkin early this week with one of the clubs on campus. It was so much fun!! 🙂 I painted white stripes on my pumpkin then added the red bits and topped it off with a bow!



These are our wee bit of decorations we have in the apartment. I love it! <3

Halloween Cat Makeup

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! Stay safe and enjoy the crazy costumes!