How To Be a Vegetarian in College

Being a Vegetarian in college isn’t too difficult once you follow these tips! I myself decided to become a Vegetarian my senior year of college. I was able to discover the in’s and out’s of how to successfully be a Vegetarian in college and now I want to share those tips with you! Make sure to read my College Girl’s Guide to Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget.

Scout Out The Good Food Places.

Take some time to wander around campus looking for the dining centers and restaurants that accommodate your eating habits. Once you know where the best places are, you won’t question where to eat the next time you’re unsure.

You’ll find that many times although something might not be specifically advertised as vegetarian, it actually will be. If you’re ever unsure about something, just ask! Generally, people are understanding when accommodating people with different food habits and allergies.

Share with Your Friends.

Let your friends know that you’re a vegetarian. Once they know, it will be less of an issue when going out to eat. They’ll understand that not all places are the best for your and that’ll be just fine. In addition, share a bite of your delicious food. Show your friends how eating vegetarian can be easy and you can still have some AMAZING food!

Always Have Good Snacks.

Don’t put yourself in a difficult situation; always have a good snack on hand! Whether it’s an apple or some popcorn – don’t be caught starving because there isn’t a veggie snack available.

Recommended Items.

There are a few items that I would highly recommend having if you’re a Vegetarian in college. The most important being a good blender. The NutriBullet is a high-quality and compact blender perfect for smoothies! They’re easy to clean up and are super simple to use. Here are three different versions at different price points depending on your budget!

Here are my favorite reusable containers for bringing food to class or work. Also, here are my favorite reusable produce bags to use while grocery shopping!

Lastly, make sure to check out my favorite cookbook, which happens to be vegan.


Plan Ahead.

Along with always having a good snack, plan your meals ahead of time. Often dining centers will have a weekly or monthly menu available. You can also plan your own meals to make at home. I love packing my lunch and bringing it with me – I get to eat exactly what I want and it’s prepared just how I like it!

It’s Okay if You Slip Up.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you accidentally (or purposefully) eat something that contains meat. I’ve done this once or twice and it’s better to just acknowledge that it happened, accept it, and move on. There’s no use worrying about what’s already happened.

Are you a Vegetarian or thinking of becoming a Vegetarian?

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