How To Organize your Agenda or Planner

Learn how to organize your agenda so that you keep your priorities straight! Keeping an agenda can help you to stop procrastinating on your homework and to actually prepare for the exam you have next week. I hope these tips help to organize your agenda and your life!

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Invest in an Agenda or Planner that works for YOU.

I absolutely love my planner and that’s what keeps me coming back to it. If my planner didn’t inspire me I would have thrown it out the window 5 months ago. Make sure to find a planner that’s perfect for you.

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The weekly or daily layout needs to accommodate your needs. Personally, I prefer a horizontal weekly layout rather than a vertical one. I’m also the type of person that loves color! That is why the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda is perfect for me. I also want to try one of the glorious Erin Condren Planners someday.

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Find the perfect pen.

Go on a search for the perfect pens. These are what you’ll be writing your daily activities in. Pencils are amazing too, but I love the bold contrast that pens provide. There are many different types of pens that you can buy, rollerball, gel, porous point, etc. Each type of pen acts differently so again find what works best for you!

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Did I mention Whiteout?

Too scared to use pens because you don’t want to make a mistake or have an appointment or assignment change? Whiteout is a lifesaver!

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Use Sticky Notes.

I’m a lover of sticky notes, I own an assortment of sizes and colors! If you’re in a quick hurry, but need to write something down so you don’t forget, sticky notes are perfect. Just quickly jot down the item and scurry on your way. Then later in the day you can write the item neatly in your agenda with the correct date and time.

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Make Lists.

Creating separate lists can help to keep your planner clean and organized. Writing every single thing you need to get done in your planner would create for a hectic space. Your planner is something you want to look at for guidance on important tasks and events. Make a to-do list for each day to keep your planner simplified. 

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Master Washi Tape.

Mastering the use of washi tape is super beneficial when organizing your planner. I love to use washi tape to emphasize an important event or appointment (such as a job interview). I also use it to block off vacation times and trips!

How To Organize Your Agenda | hayle santella |

Separate School & Social life.

Separate your School/Work activities & due dates from your social calendar. Keeping these separated will help you stay organized with your school work. For me it’s easiest to put all of my school stuff at the bottom of a day and all my social/extracurriculars/meetings towards the top!

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Organizing Your School Work.

I personally prefer assigning each of my classes a color. As an example, all of my programming assignments, quizzes, and exams are written in blue. Whereas everything pertaining to my history class is written in pink. This is a great way to keep everything organized, you can easily just glance at your agenda and know what you’re looking at! I do the same color coordinating with exercising, social life, and work activities. I also highlight any homework or assignments once they’re completed.

How To Organize Your Agenda | hayle santella |

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