How To Write Interesting and Creative Blog Content

You want to write the next viral blog post. But how do you achieve that if you have no idea where to start? Your first step is to forget the viral part and simply create good content for you blog. You want to focus on writing interesting and creative blog content that your readers will find useful.


The first thing you need to do is make a plan. Without planning your blog posts may seem rushed and the quality may be lacking. Schedule a day where you will sit down and write a list of all your ideas. Then you’ll want to tentatively schedule these posts in your editorial calendar. The next step is to start plugging away and write the content!

I highly suggest getting a planner to use as your editorial calendar. Planners are also great for organizing your daily blog work schedule!

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| hayle santella | www.haylesantella.comvia Target

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| hayle santella | www.haylesantella.comvia Target

Create Valuable Content.

I mentioned earlier how you’ll want to create content that your readers will find useful. It’s important to understand your audience and their interests. You want the content you create to be relevant to their needs. Including helpful information or freebies can really increase your reader’s engagement!

Be Yourself.

No one wants to read an article that is just like everything else. You need to put your own personal spin on things. Don’t be afraid to change things up or do something crazy. Your uniqueness will be appreciated by everyone.

Tell a Story.

Along with being personal, all great content should tell a story. Maybe it’s a personal experience or understanding. Or perhaps you’re simply guiding your audience along throughout your post, keeping them engaged and wanting more.

Outside Your Comfort.

Not only do you need to be yourself and tell a story, you also need to reach outside your comfort zone. In order to create original, interesting, creative content you need to go beyond what you’re comfortable with. If you never reach beyond this point, your content will become relatively the same and no longer top notch.

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