Influencers that Inspire Me

Influencers That Inspire Me

Influencers That Inspire Me

I’ve always had a passion for blogging since I was young. has to probably be my 4th or 5th blog. All of my previous blogs were short-lived and not well thought-out. When I started this blog I was in need of a creative outlet. Studying electrical engineering in college left me little time or opportunities to express my creativity, so I had to make my own. Hence, we have my blog as it stands today – a place where I hope to inspire other college-aged women to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and to be themselves.

Over the years of growing my blog, I’ve discovered a few influencers that inspire me both on a personal and business level. Whether it’s their character, determination, or personalities, each of these influencers inspires me in one way or another. Today I want to share that inspiration with you. Maybe you’re a new blogger, a new mom, or maybe you’re just struggling to find your place in this crazy world. Either way, I think you’ll find someone who will also inspire you from the list below.

Kalyn Nicholson YouTube

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn probably has to be one of my biggest inspirations. Her YouTube videos and Instagram feed carry an aesthetic that you’ll instantly fall in love with. She has also accomplished many of the things that I hope to do someday – publishing a book, opening an online store, and creating a podcast.

The SacconeJolys

The SacconeJoly’s are a family of 6 that have been daily vlogging since 2009. After multiple attempts at daily vlogging myself, I admire Jonathan’s hard work and determination to get videos filmed, edited, and uploaded EVERY DAY!

SarahsDay YouTube

Sarahs Day

Sarah has inspired me not only to upload videos to YouTube but to also start living a more active lifestyle. She is so motivating, watch just one of her videos and she’ll have you wanting to eat healthily and have a fitness routine instantly. 

The Michalaks Youtube

The Michalaks

The Michalak’s upload weekly vlogs that are both visually appealing and hold a storyline throughout the video. I am in love with Stef’s editing and videography skills. His work inspires me to find the right shot and put extra time into my editing. 

NikkiPhillipi YouTube

Nikki Phillippi

Nikki has such a bubbly and calming personality. She has inspired me to live a more natural, healthy, and overall relaxed lifestyle. Her videos always include a plethora of information that helps educate her audience – providing value to her subscribers shows her true genuineness.

I think that many people confuse jealousy and inspiration, there is a fine line between the two. As a teenager, I may have dealt with a few pangs of jealousy, but I learned to ground myself. Reminding myself that ‘that is their life, not mine’.

When I see others’ photos or videos on social media I am no longer jealous, but instead, it feeds my determination to work for what I truly want in life. Happiness, family, and to be self-employed.

Their posts inspire me to work harder and not give up. This determination has led me to start uploading to my YouTube channels more frequently, and I’m so proud of myself for sticking to a schedule and uploading regularly! If you’re interested in checking out some of my videos, here are the links…

hayle santella
(Main Channel)

hayle santella |  Urban Outfitters Clothing Haul

Daily Hayle
(Vlogging Channel)

Daily Hayle | Saturday Morning Coffee

My little website and youtube channels started only 3 years ago. In that time, I’ve been able to grow my blog to get over 20,000 monthly views and I’ve just hit 1,000 subscribers on my main channel. I never thought that either of these milestones were possible. But now I dream of blogging and vlogging full-time some day. Although I don’t have as much time to dedicate to these two endeavors, I’m determined to grow my audience and remain passionate about sharing my life with others.

Thank you for supporting me along this journey – you are the reason I’ve made it this far!

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