Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance Bronze


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope all is going well! So sorry that I missed last week’s mini review, I was moving home from school and didn’t have time to plan ahead.

BUT… This week I wanted to talk about the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance Bronze. This foundation primer has a bronzer in it. I especially prefer using it when I’ve self-tanned (because I don’t use self-tanner on my face).

It gives you a dewy bronzy glow for sure. Not only does it give you some color, but it also creates that glowy affect. A lot of times I won’t use foundation if I’m using this primer. I feel that this primer helps to give me a more natural look and that I don’t need foundation. I’ve noticed that a little goes a long way and that you can definitely tell if you’ve used too much. I’m not a big fan of the formula, it dries extremely fast so sometimes it’s hard to apply.


One tricky thing that I came across when trying to purchase this item is that the wrong product was in the box… multiple times! Make sure both the box and the tube say Radiance Bronze before purchasing it.

Overall, I think this a good product; it leaves an amazing bronze dewy glow on your skin. I personally only use this when I’m tan or have used self-tanner. Enjoy!

This product is available on Laura Mercier’s Website as well as at Sephora for $34.

In this photo you will find a droplet of the product on the left, on the right is the product blended into my skin.

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