Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork

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Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella

Refreshing Your Space.

Each Spring I feel like my space needs a bit of a refresher. Something to add a bit of pop or zing to make my space feel lively again after the Winter months have passed.

I usually do the standard deep clean of my apartment, giving it a good scrub and cleaning those hard to reach places. I’ll make sure to move all my large pieces of furniture to vacuum and dust underneath them. Another thing I do is take a duster to all the ceiling corners of my apartment and get rid of any cobwebs that might have appeared. After my space is completely spotless I start to decorate!

One of my favorite ways to add that bit of pop or zing is to shake things up with new artwork. I love to add fun pieces throughout my apartment that really symbolize my style and esthetic. Often times when I’m looking for a new piece to add to my collection I’ll head over to Minted and search through their limited edition fine art.


Shopping with Minted.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve always gravitated towards Minted when it comes time for me to purchase fine art. They’re a design marketplace that sells products from the world’s best-emerging artists, meaning that all their pieces are unique. I especially enjoy browsing through their limited edition pieces, making my artwork that much more special. 

Minted also offers some fantastic styling services! Their team of trained professionals will work with you to help design the space you’re dreaming of. You can even text them an image of your space and they’ll reply with recommendations… for free!

Shopping for art can get a bit overwhelming when there are so many options to choose from. Minted does a great job of offering pre-sorted categories along with plenty of filters to help you better organize the pieces by what you’re specifically looking for. For example, they currently have a Spring-Inspired Art Collection.

Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella

The Desert Prism Art Print.

When it came time to pick some new artwork for my apartment I searched for HOURS! Minted has so many pieces and it was so hard to decide. When it came down to the final decision I just couldn’t part with the Desert Prism art print – it was calling my name.

Minted offers endless options when it comes to framing your art. When purchasing this print I decided to go with the Matte Copper frame. Minted describes the frame as, “Chic metal frame, with a matte copper finish, for a modern, streamlined look.” The copper really helps pull out the orange, pink, and yellow colors of the print and make it even more of a statement piece. 

The bright colors and pattern in this art print are exquisite! Since hanging this piece in my apartment it always catches my eye every time I walk by. I also love that I can either hang it or set it up on a shelf – it’s so versatile. When I have the piece sitting on my shelf, I like to pair it with my Rose Gold Foil Effiel Tower print. 

Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella

One of the many great things about Minted is that they package their art VERY well. This piece came in a huge box and was tightly wrapped so as to not be damaged in the shipping process. I’m extremely grateful that Minted takes so much pride and consideration into how they ship their products. It helps me to be reassured that the item I purchased won’t run into any bumps in the road that could make this experience anything less than desirable. 

I was so excited when this piece came in the mail that I instastoried the entire unboxing and hanging process! If you haven’t already, make sure to follow me on Instagram! @haylesantella I love sharing fun things like this – there’s never a dull day!

Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella  

Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella

Refresh Your Space This Spring With New Artwork | hayle santella

If you’re ever looking to add some artwork to your house, apartment, or dorm room, I highly recommend you check out Minted. Their pieces are absolutely beautiful and will bring such a great vibe into your home. (They also sell customized announcements, invitations, and greeting cards!) If you’re interested in learning about some of the other pieces in my collection, make sure to check out Decorating Your Dorm Room with Art and Decorating For Christmas: Fine Art.