The List.

My Ultimate Bucket List
Here’s to many more years of being an adventurous soul and chasing your dreams.

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Get a Passport ~ June 2015
Visit (Italy) Venice
Visit (England) London
Visit all 50 States (Visited 19)
Go On A Cruise ~ 21st November 2015
Visit Australia
Visit Amsterdam
Visit France
Visit Greece
Visit The Czech Republic
Visit Romania
Visit Ireland
Visit Scotland
Visit Bora Bora
Visit Peru
Visit Galapagos Islands


Ride in a Gondola
Ride the London Eye
Walk Through a Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan
See the Northern Lights (Better than in Iowa)
Visit a Castle
See A Broadway Musical
Go to a Fashion Show
Swim in the Ocean ~ July 2011, November 2015
Swim in every Ocean (Arctic Atlantic Indian Pacific Southern)
Go zip lining
Stay in an overwater Bungalow
Eat in an underwater Restaurant
See the Statue of Liberty
See the Eiffel Tower
Ride a Horse on the Beach
Watch Baby Sea Turtles Go into the Ocean
Go to a Drive-In Movie

Cultural Awareness.

Become Fluent in Spanish
Learn Fluent Sign Language
Read the Entire Bible
Meditate with Buddhist Monks
Attend a Mass at the Vatican
Walk the Entire Length of the Wall of China
Visit Machu Picchu
Attend the Holi Festival in India

For Me.

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor
Practice Yoga Everyday for a Week
Own a DSLR ~ 24 September 2016
Graduate from High School ~ 25th May 2012
Graduate from College ~ 7th May 2016
Run a Half-Marathon
Run a Marathon
Write a Book
Paint Balloon Darts
Own a Blog ~ 16th February 2015
Own a Husky
Rescue a Puppy ~ 22nd October 2007
Be Vegetarian for a Week ~ 31st January 2016 (Post)
Be Vegetarian for a Month ~ 25th February 2016

Be Vegetarian for a Year ~ 25th January 2017
Be Vegan for a Week ~ 24th July 2016
Be Vegan for a Month ~ 31st January 2017 (Post)
Be Vegan for a Year ~ 1st January 2018
Be Vegan for 5 Years


Start a Blog ~ 16th February 2015
Self-Hosted Blog ~ December 2015

Get 1,000 Blog Views in a Month ~ January 2016
Get 25,000 Blog Views in a Month ~ March 2016
Get 50,000 Blog Views in a Month ~ August 2016
Get 100,000 Blog Views in a Month

Get 1,000 Blog Views in a Week ~ 21st February 2016
Get 5,000 Blog Views in a Week ~ 6th March 2016
Get 25,000 Blog Views in a Week
Get 1,000 Blog Views in a Day ~ 5th March 2016
Get 5,000 Blog Views in a Day
Start monetizing ~ December 2015
Make $100 a month on ~ April 2016
Make $1000 a month on
Get 100 Likes on Facebook Page ~ 27th January 2016
Get 1,000 Likes on Facebook Page ~ 8th December 2016
Get 10,000 Likes on Facebook Page
Get 1,000 Followers on Twitter ~ April 2017
Get 10,000 Followers on Twitter
Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram ~ May 2017
Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram


Start a YouTube Channel ~ 7th September 2015
Have 10 YouTube Subscribers ~ 25th January 2016
Have 25 YouTube Subscribers ~ 16th March 2016
Have 100 YouTube Subscribers ~ 18th October 2016

Have 500 YouTube Subscribers ~
Have 1000 YouTube Subscribers ~ September 2018
Have 5000 YouTube Subscribers
Start a Cooking Series on YouTube
Start a Vlogging Channel ~ March 2016
Have 50 Vlog Channel Subscribers ~ 23rd July 2016

Have 100 Vlog Channel Subscribers ~ 1st December 2016
Have 500 Vlog Channel Subscribers 
Upload Vlogs Regularly

Last Updated: 15th September 2018

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