The Perfect College Cleaning Schedule + Printable Guide

No one wants to be the person with the spoiled milk in the back of their mini fridge or the popcorn crumbs all over their floor. In fact, we often picture ourselves with the perfectly cleaned room, spotless, bright, and welcoming. So why isn’t this the case? Time and time again it seems that one, we don’t have a structured cleaning schedule and two, we’re just downright lazy. Today, I’m going to help you with the first of these two struggles. I’ve created the perfect college cleaning schedule. It doesn’t have you cleaning everything every day and it doesn’t have you cleaning once a semester; it has some balance. Below, you’ll even find a printable list to help keep you on track.
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Make Your Bed

I don’t know about you, but I always get a light & fresh feeling when I walk into my room at the end of the day and my bed is made. No better way to spend the evening than cuddled up in your comfily made bed.


Along with making your bed, I highly suggest you declutter your space. Sitting down at a cluttered desk is instantly overwhelming and even causes me anxiety! Having a nice and clean space to work allows my thoughts to flow freely and my mind to think clearly.


Wash Sink/Bathroom Area

If you have a sink or bathroom area don’t leave this space unwashed. College causes a lot of stress which lowers our immunity to fight off viruses and icky bacteria. The bathroom is one of those places that easily harbors these pesky germs. A quick wipe down shouldn’t take you long and is way worth it in the long run!

Dirty Dishes

The longer you wait to wash your dishes the harder it’ll be. If you’re someone that does like to put this task off until you’re out of dishes, then I suggest you rinse them until their nearly clean. Then you can wash them when you’re ready (and it’ll be easy). Or your best bet would just be to wash them right away 😉

Take Out The Trash

Yuck, is a smelly trash stinking up your room or apartment? Take it out! Nothing is worse than having really old trash sitting around. Make it a point to take out your trash once a week. Yes, even when it’s cold. If you want to get super fancy – check out this soft closing trash can!



You may want to move this one to weekly depending on the amount of clothes you’ve brought with you to college. But, if you’re like me and completely overpacked then bi-weekly should work great for you! 

Vacuum & Sweep Everything

As a mentioned before, popcorn crumbs are the worst! Add in daily grime from shoes and dare I mention… from brushing your hair?! Yeah, it’s time to vacuum. Here’s my all time favorite Vacuum, it’s freaking awesome.



Dust can easily collect and can be extremely irritating if you have allergies. Take a few moments to dust your blinds, surfaces, and appliances at least once a month. Those dust bunnies don’t stand a chance!

Clean Out The Fridge

If you have a fridge, mini or not, please don’t leave food in it to spoil. If you clean out your fridge monthly, then this should never be an issue! Always check expiration dates and toss something out if you’re not sure. Spoiled food can be dangerous to your health – not something you want to deal with during college.

Wash Your Bedding

Keep your bedding fresh by washing it once a month. Fresh sheets and a clean duvet always smell and feel so comfy, almost like home. If you love the scent and feeling of clean sheets then, by all means, wash them more often! 

How often do you find yourself cleaning in college? What stops you from cleaning?