9 Things to do Between College Classes

Don’t have a perfect college schedule? Having that weird 1-2hr break between classes can be difficult. Here are a few things to do between college classes.

Explore Campus

Each campus has their own hidden gems; go exploring and find a hidden spot. Ask a few friends if they know of any. Wandering around campus can be exciting and relaxing.

Here’s a little clip from Iowa State University’s Facebook page that features their campanile playing Imagine by John Lennon. (This video may not load on a mobile device – sorry for the inconvenience.)

Grab a Cup of Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cup of joe? Grabbing a cup of coffee not only tastes delicious but also gives you that energy boost you’ll need to get through your next class. 

Why you Should Be Making Coffee in College


Visit with a Professor

If you’re struggling with a course or just want to chit-chat with them. Visiting with your professor is always a good option to pass the time between classes. Your professor has a wealth of information that extends beyond the classroom.

Go to the Gym

Hit up a yoga class or go for a quick run. Working out not only can give you an energy boost but also can improve your mood if you’re not feeling particularly happy that day.

Top 10 Tips To Stay Healthy in College

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Do some Homework or Study

Have a busy schedule? Use this time to catch up or get ahead on some homework. Have a quick study sesh, go over some flashcards or attempt some difficult problems.


Have a quick Snack

Food is always an option! Grab a quick snack to hold you over until after class. You never want to go hungry, that’s just not a good situation. 

Quick Healthy Snacks for College Students


Run Errands

Reply to those emails you’ve been ignoring, and run to the admissions or finical aid office liked you’ve been planning on doing the past week. Get any questions answered that you may have and clear up any confusion.

Take a little Snooze

A power nap can be very beneficial, especially if you pulled an all-nighter the night before. Go find a cozy spot in the library or your favorite building and make sure to set an alarm!

How To Have a Happier Morning

Read a Book

Enjoy this me time and get immersed in a book. This is a great way escape from a busy day.

Here is another clip, this time from Iowa State University’s YouTube channel. This video is a ‘postcard from campus’ featuring a new semester.

School Supply Essentials

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