6 Things to do During Syllabus Week

Today starts the first week of my last semester of college. So I thought I’d share a few helpful tips & tricks to master Syllabus Week! Best of luck in the new term! 🙂

Print off Each Syllabus & Organize them.

Your syllabus is like your map to your class, without it you’ll be lost. Here are a few important things you’ll want your syllabus for:

  • Grading Scale
  • Office Hours & Contact Information
  • When/How To Turn in Homework
  • Important Due Dates/Exams

Make sure to print this off and keep it in your binder or folder for its corresponding class.

Actually READ the Syllabus.

To succeed in any course it’s important to know what to expect. Reading through each syllabus will give you a good idea of what you’ll need to accomplish this term. Some professors may also include important due dates or Exam dates.

How to Prepare for a New Class | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

Figure Out & Organize your Schedule.

After reading through all your syllabi make sure to write down any of the important dates, be wary though, some professor like to change these dates frequently. Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with your schedule. Get a good understanding of when you’ll have time to do homework or go to the gym.

Things to do Between College Classes

Get to Know Your Classmates.

Your classmates are your teammates. These are the people you’ll be able to turn to when you need help with a difficult topic or problem. Most likely they’ll be in some of your other courses as well.

Talk to your Professor(s).

Your professor is going to be the most helpful when you run into an issue. Start your relationship off on the right foot and have a meaningful conversation with them during the first week of class.

Get a Head Start.

Take this extra time where there are little homework assignments, projects, and exams to read ahead in your textbook or start on those homework assignments that are pre-posted.

How To Study For an Exam | College Tips | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

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