The Importance of Tracking Your Social Media Followers

It was suggested to me last week that I create a post on how I track my social media stats. It hadn’t even occurred to me that some people don’t. Which is just silly because there was a point in my blogging career when I didn’t track my followers either. Anyways, if you aren’t tracking your social media followers, you need to start today!

The Importance of Tracking Your Social Media Followers | hayle santella |

Why you Should Track your Followers.

  • You’ll learn which are your top social media outlets
  • Quickly see and notice instant changes
  • It’s exciting & thrilling!

How To Track them.


First thing, you’ll want to have some type of spreadsheet or chart. You can either design your own spreadsheet or use mine! Here’s the link to download it or add it to your Google Drive — 2016 Social Media Tracker. And because I love you so much, I made you one for 2017 as well. ? You’ll be able to not only track your followers in a chart but also be able to quickly make graphs if you’d like a visual.

These are my actual stats from 2016! ?The Importance of Tracking Your Social Media Followers | hayle santella |

My Tracker explained…

The first tab is a blog stats tracker. You can track your daily views & visitors. The bottom of each month will automatically add up along with the monthly overview.
The second tab is the social media tracker! WOOT! Each row is for one week and then each month end also has its own row. All of the weeks start on Monday. (This is just a personal preference) Again, the ‘Total’ and ‘Difference’ columns will populate automatically as well as the monthly overview.
The third and final tab is where you’ll find two graphs! These graphs will pull data from the previous two tabs and create nice look graphs for you. ? Cheers!

Weekly/Monthly Tracking.

Once you have your spreadsheet you’ll want to start recording your followers on a weekly or monthly basis. I highly suggest tracking the on mainly a weekly basis. This will allow you to see both subtle and big changes. For example, if you make a slight change in how to post your Instagram photos you may see a slight follower increase on your spreadsheet. By tracking weekly, you’ll know almost instantly if there is a change. 

Make Changes.

After a few weeks of tracking your social media followers, you may notice that one channel, in particular, is lacking. You may not be seeing as much growth as you’d like or you may be even losing followers. Tracking your followers allows you to see trends like this and act on them. Analyze the data you’ve recorded and then take action. Make changes to improve the specific channels that are lacking. 

The Importance of Tracking Your Social Media Followers | hayle santella |

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