Where Have I Been + Life Update

Hey guys, it’s been a bit. I haven’t published a new blog post or YouTube video since May… MAY! Although I’ve been pretty inactive on this space, I still have been on Instagram pretty regularly (go follow me). But, I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I mysteriously disappeared to. Well, my random and unscheduled hiatus is due to a few different circumstances.

Where Have I Been?

For one, by the time you’re reading this – I’m getting married the very next day! The last time I spoke about my engagement/wedding was when I shared our proposal story back in November. Ha!

Secondly, I’ve just been hard at work on other projects – more on these later.

And third, I’ve also been super lazy. With wedding planning and working on new projects on top of daily life, I haven’t been able to find the energy to write content or film videos. 

Life Updates.

I Was Promoted.

If you didn’t already know, I work full-time along with my blogging and freelance side-hustles. In June I was promoted from Marketing Specialist to Product Launch Manager. I’m really excited about this new role and feel that it’ll use my organization skills really well. Better yet, it meshes my technical knowledge with my marketing passion. Win-win!

We’re Getting Married.

Sean and I have been chipping away at wedding planning and specifically the last few weeks have been jam-packed with errands and to-dos! We’re getting married in the Mountains and I cannot wait to share this experience with our close family members.

Another note on this, keep an eye out for my website and social channels to change! I’m going to be changing my last name – you’ll now be able to find me everywhere as Hayle Santella.

Business Updates.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been hard at work on some new projects! 

Freelance Marketing: Jolt Influence

I’ve had my “how to blog” blog, Jolt Influence, for almost two years now and finally turned it into an actual business at the end of last year! With that being said, back in January, I started doing freelance marketing and design work. I’ve built two websites for an eCommerce brand and a non-profit and I’m currently coaching a blogger to help her grow and monetize her website. All of this is definitely rewarding work for me as I love blogging helping people get started or learn how to do it better!

College Blog: Bloom + Amplify

I’ve started the process of separating my college content from my personal/lifestyle content. With that being said, you may have noticed that some of my college posts are already redirecting you to a site called Bloom + Amplify. I did a soft launch of this new site back in mid-July. With my name changing, I’m going to be transferring even more college content over to B+A and re-branding my personal blog. 

Organize Your Life - Erin Condren 2020 LifePlanner

Family Blog/YouTube: The Santellas

Shortly after Sean and I got engaged, I created a new website for us and also converted my personal vlogging channel. I started family social accounts for us too! We plan to use these channels to build our ‘family brand’ and share various aspects of our lives with you. We’ve played with the idea of sharing DIY/Renovation and Travel topics, but we haven’t really nailed down any themes as of yet. Keep an eye on our Family YouTube Channel as we’ll be sharing our wedding details over there.

Personal Blog/YouTube: Hayle Santella

I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but my name and social channels will be changing after we get married! With this name change, I’m also updating my upload/publishing schedule. I will now be posting new content every Sunday at 9am Mountain Time. Expect weekly videos and blog posts starting mid-September or early October, until then it might be a bit hit and miss (until things have settled after our wedding celebrations).

Thank you for being amazing readers and subscribers and hanging in there while I randomly stopped posting. I’m pumped to start creating content regularly again and I’m excited to see what the future holds!