What’s in my Gym Bag?

Lately, I’ve really been hitting it hard at the gym and I thought you might find it interesting what I all carry with me in my gym bag! There are a few things here and there do change depending on the day. Occasionally I’ll only take my Yoga mat to the gym if I’ll only be going to a Yoga or Pilates class. But what you see here is what comes with every time no matter what! ?

What's In My Gym Bag | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

  1. Camelbak Water Bottle – I love that this has one has the straw and bite valve, it makes it super easy to grab a drink of water if I’m on a treadmill or bike.
  2. Socks – I always keep an extra pair (or two) of socks in my bag because I tend to forget them 🙂
  3. Towel – I love the small towels from Lululemon they’re extremely absorbent and I love the fun colors they have! Check out my review for them – Here!
  4. Makeup wipes, chapstick, and deodorant – Just a few must haves for keeping clean!
  5. Running Shoes – These are the 2014 Nike Flex’s, not necessarily my favorite line… I am madly in love with Nike’s Free Run’s!!! <3
  6. Earbuds – Sometimes I end up with two pairs in my bag just because I prefer the pink pair over the orange (it has volume & mic controls). Both of these are made by yurbuds and I love them almost as much as I love Free Runs!
  7. Phone – I always keep my iPhone with me for listening to music and tracking my runs & exercises.
  8. Arm band – I use this armband for almost all the exercises that I do and I love that it’s pink!
  9. Resistance Band – I use this around my ankles and thighs during certain exercises. (Here is a link to a similar one that I actually prefer over the one I’m currently using.)

What's In My Gym Bag | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.comWhat's In My Gym Bag | hayle santella | www.haylesantella.com

Next, you’ll find a few pictures of my actual gym bag. I found this one on Nike’s website and it’s actually a children’s bag! I wanted a backpack because I’m often walking across campus to get to the gym and I wanted something easy to carry. I figured a kids backpack would be preferable because it wouldn’t be as bulky as a regular backpack. Luckily I even found one that was on clearance! ANNNDDD… It’s super freaking cute! <3

Let me know what your gym essentials are! Also, are you a cardio or weights girl – or maybe a bit of both? Lets talk fitness in the comments below!

My Gym Bag Essentials

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